Small Batch Grapefruit Olive Oil Yogurt Baked Donuts Recipe

Just a quick note today to say: it’s donut season!! Okay, not really, but just because it’s summer time doesn’t mean you can’t have donuts, especially when they’re healthy and baked and made with olive oil and yogurt. This genius recipe comes from Molly Yeh’s Short Stack Yogurt cookbook. In her book she makes a nice giant loaf but since I was feeling snack-y, I divided the recipe by 8 and made these small batch donuts.


I wasn’t quite sure if they’d work, but after a quick texting session with  I went to town and came out with these guys, which are basically perfect: moist, lightly olive-oil flavored, and very almond forward. I loved the little pop of poppy seeds. I made these a couple of weeks ago but I’m thinking that I might whip up a batch just in time for Molly’s new Food Network Show,  on Sunday at 11am pacific. I feel like I’ve been rooting for a Molly show ever since I first  she’s just that infectiously happy; I’m so excited to watch!

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